Tile & Grout Cleaning & Sealing


Tile & Grout Cleaning

Proper care and maintenance of tile and grout can increase the longevity and beauty of these hard surfaces. Burrous Brothers can clean tile and grout lines more effectively using our powerful truck-mounted, hot water extraction equipment. This method gets deep into the crevices and pores of the tile and grout. No other system can clean as deeply and safely as our method can. We use only the finest, safest and most effective products available. Your tile and grout will get cleaner and more sanitary than with any other method.

Tile Cleaning Before and After

Tile Cleaning in Process

Enclosed Pressure Washing System

Tile Cleaning - Before and After

Tile & Grout Sealing

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are fired in a kiln under high heat to make them hard and often impervious to liquid stains. However, grouted joints between tiles are usually very porous and should be treated with a protective sealer to aid in daily maintenance. Burrous Brothers Company can properly apply a sealant-protector to gout joints to reduce staining and aid in daily maintenance. We conduct our own testing of sealant protectors and application procedures to ensure that you receive the best protection available.

Tile and Grout Protection
When grout is sealed, liquids tend not penetrate into the grout. The sealer is mostly to protect the absorbent grout, as most porcelain and ceramic tiles do not accept the sealer.”


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